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Monarch Butterfly Project: Spring Edition

In the fall, Carrie Kochan and her family introduced a project to create a Monarch Butterfly Habitat in our neighborhood. The project is inspired by the Trinity Valley School efforts to increase the population of the Monarch Butterfly through increasing awareness about the decline in the population and education about how to create a host site for the migratory butterflies.

The first set of seeds were distributed, and most were planted. Now as spring rolls in, we can see how many plants have taken root!

The Kochan's have ordered native milkweed (Acseplias tuberosa and Asceplias viridis) plugs which will be available for neighbors to purchase for $1.50 each (cost).

More information will be forthcoming as we work toward registering Tres Vistas as a Monarch Waystation.


Information about the Monarch Butterfly:

Trinity Valley School 6th Grade Monarch Project:

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