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Easter Egg Hunt: All welcome!

This is an event for kids, grandchildren and adults alike. There are several opportunities for you to participate: Reply yes to the event here and indicate in a comment, how you plan to participate. 1. Fill/ Hide eggs for the neighborhood (approx.30 eggs) on your lawn for the grand/children of Tres Vistas age 15 and under 2. Adult GOLDEN egg hunt. All adult participants, provide $10.00 per person for the chance to hunt for the $$ filled Golden Egg. (clues will be given at each house where the children hunt.) 3. Join in the common area after with a snack or dessert. Bring your own chairs and beverage. Reply by March 28th either here or to Teresa Kemp so that we can make a map of the event for participants. Please answer each question. example: 1. Yes, our house will hide eggs. 2. Adults will participate in golden egg hunt and will drop $10.00/adult in the Kemps mailbox (145 Tres Vistas Ct.) by April 1, 2015. 3. Our family will participate and will bring a dessert or appetizer to share after the hunt.

Contact Annette at

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